Shocking News From Mohun Bagan Coach Sanjoy Sen

Sanjoy Sen is the head coach of Mohun Bagan. Mohun Bagan faced Chennai City FC in their home ground last night. Chennai City managed to beat Mohun Bagan by 2-1 goals. This was the first defeat for Mohun Bagan at home ground. So Head Coach Sanjoy Sen Decided to step down as head coach. He will no more be coaching Mohun Bagan Athletic Club.

Sanjoy Sen Resigned from the Head Coach of Mohun Bagan.

sanjoy sen resignation

Sanjoy Sen resignation

After the last night match in which Mohun Bagan FC is defeated by Chennai City FC last night, Mohun Bagan Coach Sanjoy Sen Announces his resignation. Mohun Began FC is lost by 2-1 goals from Chennai City Fc. Currently, Mohun Bagan’s are in the fifth place in the I league. Mohun Bagan’s just won two matches in the whole series.

Mohun Bagan Fixtures I League 2018

Sanjoy Sen stated that

“It’s the end of the road for me. It is the right time to take responsibility on my shoulders and move away from the club.

He further said that “I don’t have the mentality to work at this club anymore,

Mohun Began new coach will hopefully be announced on Wednesday according to the Mohun Senior Official Debashish Dutta. He further added to his statement that ” There will be no practice tomorrow. The new coach will definitely be present when the team trains on Thursday. We will still have good relations with Sen.”

Mohun Bagan Squad for Upcoming Matches

This is the first time in last three seasons of I league that Mohun Bagan lost a match on their home ground. Sanjoy Sen thinks he is not able to work with the same mentality of the club at this time. So it is the best time to shift the responsibility to someone else shoulders. Sanjoy Sen resigned as Mohun Bagan Head coach today. The club will announce new coach shortly. Hopefully, they will announce next coach after two days.

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