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I league live score


There are basically two major football leagues in India and I league is one of them. I League has gained momentum in last few years and it is gaining popularity with every passing season. Indian football federation has made an outstanding effort to make this sport recognized by the habitats of India and so far, they remain successful. The viewers and football lovers have praised every match of the league and that is why the federation is looking to grow on this. We know that the format of the league allows foreign players to play along with the local players. Although it is helpful for local players to gain some experience it is basically a strategy to make the league successful.

We are aware of the fact that glitz and glamour can easily make an event energetic and successful and that is actually what these foreign players have done. They have provided the league with the glamour and excitement. Now the upcoming season of this league is scheduled in 2018 and like before I league live will provide you with the live score of every fixture and match. I league live has been the companion of the I league lovers from a very long time and they can also get I League live score on this site.

The previous season of the I League:

The last edition of the league was very promising and we saw a rise of northeast clubs in this event. Aizawl FC was the one who clinched the title last time and proved that it has the potential to not only survive the league but to win it as well. Shillong Lajong FC was the other northeast team that was prominent in the season and finished in the top five teams of the season. Lajong basically became the part of the league back in 20009-10 and since then it has faced a roller coaster ride. Even then the team has managed to secure a top-flight status in the league. We are expecting teams to grow even more in the 2018 event.

Favorites for the title:

All the teams in the league are competitive and will put all their effort in winning the title but Bengaluru and Mohun Bagan are the two sides that will start as a title contender. This is because of the depth in their squad and the experience that they have. Mohun Bagan has already won the championship title in 2015 and in the next season, they only lost two matches. Although the number of draw matches is what let this team down a bit. East Bengal is another team that has the potential to achieve big in the tournament.

The underdogs:

Mumbai Fc is the one that has the ability to spoil the party for many teams and we all know how good they started the season of 2016. Football lovers who have kept them updated with the I league live score remembers that in the early stages, Mumbai has managed to be in the top three. They clearly have the potential to take the game to their opposition and they will definitely play with pace, vigor, and aggression and will give something to their fans to cheer about.


Indian football federation has issued a tender notice inviting bids for the new clubs to be the part of the League. The football governing body has said that it has the bids from the interested parties and you can keep yourself updated with I league live scores and news. There is a probability that I league might start this season without one of its prominent clubs. According to reports, Indian football federation has received three bids but they don’t consider these bids good enough to be rewarded. This is because that they miss several required documents and that is why they have decided to invite a new Request for Proposal. Currently, there are eight teams in the I league and only one team will be selected from the bidding process.

The coaches:

In the previous seasons, the number of Indian coaches has remained lower as compared to foreign coaches. But in the last season, Indian coaches outnumbered the foreign coaches. There were seven Indian coaches in the last season and remaining three were foreign coaches. It is interesting to see the ratio of Indian and foreign coaches in the 2018 edition. I league live will keep you updated with every news and score of the 2018 edition.

As we know that the bidding process is still in the running phase, there is a chance of an extra team this season. Which means more football. It might affect the early stages for the teams but it will definitely bring the entertainment for the fans. Coaches will therefore hard press to maintain a balance between fielding their best squad for each team. They might not gamble by resting their key players in the odd game. Injuries can also play a vital role in the deciding games and teams have to deal with it smartly. All the teams need to have depth in their squad because it will be important to take them to the end of the league. There has been a news about merging the I league with the other major league of India but time will tell what is the fate of this league.

Although the format of the 2018 edition is similar to 2017 the latest edition is supposed to bring more entertainment and fans will get the chance to support their teams and to relive the moments. Some of the teams that have potential to win the league are discussed above but you never know what sports can do. Football is the game where anything could happen so chances are equal for every team. We want all the fans to be updated with the I league Live score, fixtures, and updates. Though the teams need to stay focused on their game plan and needs to get the job done with every single match.

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