I League Points Table and Standings 2018

I league points table 2018. I league points table and standings right after todays match. ILEAGUE live points tables and standings list here. complete i league points tables.

1Kingfisher East Bengal17
2Minerva Punjab FC13
4Mohun Bagan10
5Aizawl FC10
6Shillong Lajong FC
7Indian Arrows
8Chennai City FC
9Gokulam Kerala FC4
10Churchill Brothers0

I League Detailed Points Table

RankingTeam NamePointsMatches PlayedWinDrawLossGoals ForGoals AgainstGD
1Minerva Punjab FC135410835
2Kingfisher East Bengal1053111275
3NEROCA FC105311734
4Shillong Lajong FC10631267-1
5Mohun Bagan95230826
6Aizawl FC43111330
7Gokulam Kerala FC4411235-2
8Chennai City FC46114610-4
9Indian Arrows3410335-2
10Churchill Brothers FC Goa05005213-11

Here is the i League table for matches of 2017 held in spring of this year.


iLeague Table of Teams

2Mohun Bagan1810622712+1536
3East Bengal1810353315+1833
5Shillong Lajong187562423+126
6Churchill Brothers185582426-220
8Chennai City184591529-1417
9Minerva Punjab182791733-1613


Rules of Ranking for I-league:

  1. The winner has highest points obtained on the table.
  2. If there is a tie between two teams i.e. they have the same number of points then rules are as follows:
  • Their points in the matches played between them is checked.
  • A number of goals scored by both the teams in matches played between them.
  • Highest goal number scored by both the teams in matches played between them.
  • A total number of goals scored by both the team in all matches played.
  • Highest goal scorer in all matches played.
  • Results of drawings using lots.


The matches had teams stacked up head to head fighting for glory as they fought to have the title of the winner’s team to themselves.

Aizawl performed top-notch and gave their very best performance to land on the very first spot of the Teams iLeague Table, followed closely by Mohun Began and East Bengal.

The bottom-most was Mumbai which started off good and played a few upset matches in the series but sadly ended up on the bottom of the list. Better luck next time.

iLeague has stormed through sports lovers and made its place in the heart of Indian football fanatics. iLeague, though comparatively a recent initiative to propagate football awareness in India, has surged through and made its way all the way to the top. i League tables of past events show how much rigor and energy has been seen between competing teams and players, how they have fought to win the winner’s throne.

i League 2017, the latest edition to happen in the spring of this year was full of glamour and glitz and so much more. The energy and enthusiasm in the audience as well as in the players were evident from the body language and the constant chants in favor of the both the opposing teams. The whole series was a complete success and reinvigorated the true spirit of football in all the Indians who watched it live or on their TV screens or followed it through tweets, supporting the teams they love.

ileague points table 2018

ileague points table

i League 2018 Table

For i League 2018, we are expecting some tough games and upsets in the i league tables that will be a result of serious efforts and passion for football. The 2017 edition gave amazing i league tables as compared to the previous editions of the events, with major upsets that we all saw but didn’t see coming. Let’s have a look at the i league tables of top ten matches that fired up the stadiums, the top players that won thousands of hearts and top teams that won their well-earned positions in the 2017 i league matches

i League 2018 Tables are here!

i League 2018 edition tables will be found here once they are released by the All Indian Football Federation. Keep checking back on us.


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