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I-League is one of the leading sport’s championship. We will update you about I-League 2018. It is held each year in India where International football players are participating. I-league creates a huge storm through their most exciting matches among the football lovers. I-League made its own place in the heart of many of the people especially in India those are really crazy about the game. Therefore, I-League series spreads and initiates the awareness of the football in India. It has surged and reaches its top way. The past events of the I-Leagues show how much energy and rigor has been developing in between the competing teams and the players. The throne of the championship really matters a lot. For this, they fought their game very well.

I-League gained its momentum over the past few years as the sport itself and become a favorite as well as the popular sports among the Indians.  This popular game and the marches of I-League is cover as Indian Football news. Previously conducted the 17th seasons that has been enjoyed by everyone. Hence, it is praised, enjoyed and celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm. After the League of 2017 matches that have been held in spring, the plan and schedule of 2018 are now completed. This time, the management team are also very exciting in order to select their respective players. And it would be really exciting to value and see the matches for which the teams and players will fight their sports battle.

Fixture and Schedule of 2017

The I-League and their fixture and schedule had almost 16 rounds from which each team taking out on the other and fighting for the glory.

Last year, the most outstanding performance in the matches were given by East Bengal and Aizawl. The team of Aizawl done their outstanding performance in the entire match. The venue and the matches are designed so well that each team got the equal chance to properly enjoy and play their game. All teams got the chance to take part in each of the 16 rounds.

The top scored teams that were scheduled I-League Table as:

1.Aizawl FC181037
2.Mohun Bagan181536
3.East Bengal FC181833
4.Bengaluru FC181530
5.Shillong Lajong FC18126
6.Churchill Brothers18-220
7.DSK Shivajians18-818
8.Chennai City FC18-1417
9.Minerva Punjab FC18-1613


New Club:

One of the Kerala based professional football club Gokulam FC also has won the bid and become the participant of the I-League 2017-18. The induction of this team will help many of the underrated Kerala talents to feature themselves in the larger Indian Football community. Now they become the newest club in the top division of the Indian Football I-League. Theirs renamed as Gokulam. According to their performances, they are assured of a place in the I-League next season, that will be started from November of this year.

The expectation of I-League 2018 Fixtures:

The schedule and fixture for the I-League 2018 are said to be quite similar to that of 2017, which also consists of 16 rounds and each of it is comprising of 4 to 5 matches and also having every team which will battle it out in the football ground. This year it will be expected that the matches would be so excited that it the fans can enjoy the relive of the moments to get the chance for supporting their favorite clubs respectively.

Mostly, it is expected that this year Aizawl will come back in their full form to defend their crown. Whereas, the East Bengal and Began who has to manage and settle at the 3rd and 22nd positions. This year it is also expected to give in their A game to fight for the first spot. Mumbai FC, although ended at the last spot, can also be anticipated to make a full-on coming back in the next year’s installment of the I-League, 2018 as we await the schedule and fixture of I-League for the 18th edition.

Merger for 2018-19 Season

This is year another exciting feature that has been seen is the exclusive merger in between the I-League and the Indian Super League. Media plays a crucial role to spread this news more rapidly. The president of All India Football Federation Mr. Praful Patel said while talking to the Hindustan Times that: “football national league is not far away”. He further concluded that they are working in establishing the I-League in bits and pieces, they cannot conclude the exact nature of the tournament, but they make sure to take that to the next level from the last years.

From the long run, the I-League has been overshadowed by the glitz and the glamour of the IMG- Reliance that runs the Indian Super League. They also indulge in the debate that whether ISL or the I-League should become the main tournament from the next year. But this confusion is dissolved by the answer and the related merger in between I-League and ISL.

Moreover, Patel said that this proposed merger will be beneficial for all the existing teams. The merger might exclude some of the teams like Shillong Lajong, Mumbai FC and also the current leading team of the I-League that is Aizawl. They all have good and appropriate potential but these are low on budget.  On the other hand, the president also said that I- league contributes a lot in the Indian Football Federation. Therefore, they try their best to keep every team happy and satisfied.

I-League 2018:

Concluded all in the nutshell the craze of football is really high in India. From toddler to teenager to the adult everybody is desperate to watch their favorite session of I-League 2018. It will engage them properly with their favorite team for that reason, people can always take advantage form the live streaming program. This year most of the chances are doing things in the same manner like the previous years.


I-League 2018
Starting on
December 1, 2017
Ending on
June 30, 2018
I-league is one of the leading football tournament in India. This is the 11th season of I-league and it might be merged with ISL in next year.

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