I League Schedule 2018 Announced (Round 1-16)

I League fixtures and Schedule 2018 is announced by AIFF. Check complete I League schedule for season 2018. I League venue and time table and live matches. I League Grounds and Venues.

125-Nov-2017Sat14:00Minerva Punjab FCMohun BaganLudhiana
227-Nov-2017Mon17:30Shillong Lajong FCGokulam Kerala FCShillong
328-Nov-2017Tue20:00Kingfisher East BengalAizawl FCKolkata
4TBD*TBDTBDIndian ArrowsChennai City FCTBD
51-Dec-2017Fri17:30Minerva Punjab FCNeroca FCLudhiana
63-Dec-2017Sun14:00Mohun BaganKingfisher East BengalKolkata
74-Dec-2017Mon14:00Shillong Lajong FCChurchill BrothersShillong
8TBD*TBDTBDIndian ArrowsMinerva Punjab FCTBD
96-Dec-2017Wed14:00Gokulam Kerala FCChennai City FCKozhikode
109-Dec-2017Sat14:00Gokulam Kerala FCNeroca FCKozhikode
119-Dec-2017Sat17:30Kingfisher East BengalShillong Lajong FCKolkata
1210-Dec-2017Sun14:00Mohun BaganChurchill BrothersKolkata
1311-Dec-2017Mon20:00Minerva Punjab FCChennai City FCLudhiana
1413-Dec-2017Wed14:00Aizawl FCChurchill BrothersAizawl
1514-Dec-2017Thu17:30Mohun BaganShillong Lajong FCKolkata
1615-Dec-2017Fri14:00Neroca FCChennai City FCImphal
1716-Dec-2017Sat17:30Kingfisher East BengalChurchill BrothersKolkata
1818-Dec-2017Mon14:00Aizawl FCShillong Lajong FCAizawl
1918-Dec-2017Mon20:00Minerva Punjab FCIndian ArrowsLudhiana
2019-Dec-2017Tue14:00Mohun BaganNeroca FCKolkata
2119-Dec-2017Tue20:00Churchill BrothersChennai City FCGoa
2222-Dec-2017Fri14:00Indian ArrowsNeroca FCDelhi
2322-Dec-2017Fri17:30Shillong Lajong FCNeroca FCShillong
2423-Dec-2017Sat14:00Chennai City FCKingfisher East BengalCoimbatore
2526-Dec-2017Tue17:30Indian ArrowsShillong Lajong FCDelhi
2626-Dec-2017Tue20:00Churchill BrothersMohun BaganGoa
2727-Dec-2017Wed14:00Aizawl FCMinerva Punjab FCAizawl
2827-Dec-2017Wed20:00Kingfisher East BengalGokulam Kerala FCKolkata
2929-Dec-2017Fri17:30Mohun BaganIndian ArrowsKolkata
3030-Dec-2017Sat14:00Neroca FCKingfisher East BengalImphal
3130-Dec-2017Sat17:30Churchill BrothersMinerva Punjab FCGoa
3231-Dec-2017Sun14:00Gokulam Kerala FCAizawl FCKozhikode
332-Jan-2018Tue20:00Mohun BaganChennai City FCKolkata
342-Jan-2018Tue14:00Indian ArrowsKingfisher East BengalDelhi
355-Jan-2018Fri14:00Neroca FCIndian ArrowsImphal
365-Jan-2018Fri17:30Shillong Lajong FCChennai City FCShillong
376-Jan-2018Sat14:00Churchill BrothersKingfisher East BengalGoa
386-Jan-2018Sat17:30Gokulam Kerala FCMinerva Punjab FCKozhikode
397-Jan-2018Sun14:00Mohun BaganAizawl FCKolkata
408-Jan-2018Mon20:00Shillong Lajong FCIndian ArrowsShillong
419-Jan-2018Tue20:00Chennai City FCNeroca FCCoimbatore
4210-Jan-2018Wed17:30Mohun BaganMinerva Punjab FCKolkata
4312-Jan-2018Fri17:30Gokulam Kerala FCIndian ArrowsKozhikode
4413-Jan-2018Sat14:00Aizawl FCChennai City FCAizawl
4513-Jan-2018Sat17:30Kingfisher East BengalMohun BaganKolkata
4614-Jan-2018Sun14:00Shillong Lajong FCMinerva Punjab FCShillong
4715-Jan-2018Mon20:00Gokulam Kerala FCChurchill BrothersKozhikode
4816-Jan-2018Tue20:00Indian ArrowsNeroca FCDelhi
4919-Jan-2018Fri17:30Churchill BrothersShillong Lajong FCGoa
5020-Jan-2018Sat14:00Aizawl FCNeroca FCAizawl
5120-Jan-2018Sat17:30Gokulam Kerala FCMohun BaganKozhikode
5221-Jan-2018Sun14:00Kingfisher East BengalMinerva Punjab FCKolkata
5322-Jan-2018Mon20:00Churchill BrothersIndian ArrowsGoa
5423-Jan-2018Tue14:00Neroca FCShillong Lajong FCImphal
5525-Jan-2018Thu14:00Aizawl FCMohun BaganAizawl
5627-Jan-2018Sat14:00Neroca FCMinerva Punjab FCImphal
5727-Jan-2018Sat17:30Chennai City FCIndian ArrowsCoimbatore
5828-Jan-2018Sun14:00Gokulam Kerala FCShillong Lajong FCKozhikode
5929-Jan-2018Mon14:00Aizawl FCKingfisher East BengalAizawl
6030-Jan-2018Tue14:00Churchill BrothersNeroca FCGoa
613-Feb-2018Sat14:00Chennai City FCAizawl FCCoimbatore
623-Feb-2018Sat17:30Shillong Lajong FCMohun BaganShillong
634-Feb-2018Sun14:00Neroca FCGokulam Kerala FCImphal
645-Feb-2018Mon20:00Kingfisher East BengalIndian ArrowsKolkata
656-Feb-2018Tue17:30Churchill BrothersAizawl FCGoa
666-Feb-2018Tue20:00Chennai City FCMohun BaganCoimbatore
6710-Feb-2018Sat14:00Neroca FCAizawl FCImphal
6810-Feb-2018Sat17:30Indian ArrowsChurchill BrothersDelhi
6911-Feb-2018Sun14:00Chennai City FCShillong Lajong FCCoimbatore
7012-Feb-2018Mon20:00Mohun BaganGokulam Kerala FCKolkata
7113-Feb-2018Tue20:00Minerva Punjab FCKingfisher East BengalLudhiana
7214-Feb-2018Wed14:00Neroca FCChurchill BrothersImphal
7316-Feb-2018Fri17:30Indian ArrowsAizawl FCDelhi
7417-Feb-2018Sat14:00Gokulam Kerala FCKingfisher East BengalKozhikode
7517-Feb-2018Sat17:30Chennai City FCChurchill BrothersCoimbatore
7618-Feb-2018Sun14:00Neroca FCMohun BaganImphal
7719-Feb-2018Mon20:00Shillong Lajong FCAizawl FCShillong
7820-Feb-2018Tue20:00Minerva Punjab FCGokulam Kerala FCLudhiana
7923-Feb-2018Fri14:00Aizawl FCIndian ArrowsAizawl
8023-Feb-2018Fri17:30Minerva Punjab FCShillong Lajong FCLudhiana
8124-Feb-2018Sat17:30Kingfisher East BengalChennai City FCKolkata
8225-Feb-2018Sun14:00Churchill BrothersGokulam Kerala FCGoa
8326-Feb-2018Mon20:00Minerva Punjab FCAizawl FCLudhiana
8427-Feb-2018Tue20:00Kingfisher East BengalNeroca FCKolkata
85TBDFri17:30Chennai City FCMinerva Punjab FCCoimbatore
86TBDFri14:00Aizawl FCGokulam Kerala FCAizawl
87TBDSat17:30Indian ArrowsMohun BaganDelhi
88TBDSun14:00Shillong Lajong FCKingfisher East BengalShillong
89TBDMon20:00Chennai City FCGokulam Kerala FCCoimbatore
90TBDTue20:00Minerva Punjab FCChurchill BrothersLudhiana

I League Schedule 2018 ANNOUNCED by the ALL INDIA FOOTBALL FEDERATION. I League 2017-18 Schedule will be announced within few days. According to media channels Schedule of I League 2018 will be Announced Before 20th November 2017. We will update complete I League Schedule 2018 at ILEAGUELIVE.COM as soon as we are getting official news.

Aizawl FC is the defending champions of the I league 2016-17. I League 2018 will start on 25th November 2017 announced by ALL INDIA FOOTBALL FEDERATION. Kick off at 5:30 PM. All this was announced on 6th November 2017 by AIFF officials. Complete Schedule will be announced in a “Couple of days” said by AIFF official media team.

I League Schedule 2018:

We are going to update Round 1 to Round 18 I league 2018 Fixtures and Schedule as soon it will be announced by AIFF. We will update our audience with all of the Venues, Live streaming links, Venues, Squad Details of each and every team in I league for season 2018.

i league schedule 2018

I league schedule 2018



Last Time Updated (12-11-2017)
• I League have not announced Fixtures but till now we have confirmed that MATCHES WILL BE PLAYED ON WEEKENDS ONLY.

• Each Team will Play only ONE MATCH per week.

• All of the Teams will have maximum 6 Foreign Players.

• Each Team will be able to include 5 Foreign players in one match. Rest of the team will be based on Indian Players.

• I League will Kick-OFF on 25th November 2017.


I League 2018 Teams:

Total 10 teams will compete in I League 2018. Each team will play one match per week. These are Total 10 Teams I League 2018.

Teams Out for This Season: Bengaluru FC (Joined ISL), Mumbai FC (Relegated), DSK Shivajians (Disbanded).

NEW Teams for This Season: Gokulam Kerala FC (Formerly known as Malabar FC and Gokulam FC), NEROCA FC (from Imphal Manipur got direct entry because of winning I League second division 2016-17), Indian Arrows (Team which was selected from Indian Under 19 and Indian Uner 17 Football Teams).

List of all 10 teams here:

1 Aizawl FC
2 Mohun Bagan FC
3 Kingfisher East Bengal
4 Shillong Lajong FC
5 Churchill Brothers
6 Chennai FC
7 Minerva FC
9 Gokulam Kerala FC
10 Indian Arrows
These are total teams which will be playing against each other to win I League 2018 trophy.

I League 2017 Schedule And Fixtures:

I league 2016-17 first match was played between Bengaluru FC and Shillong Lajong FC on 7 January 2017. Bengaluru FC managed to beat Shillong Lajon FC by 3-0 goals. At the end, Aizawl FC was the team who managed to win I League season 2017. Here are the Fixtures of  Last season of Hero Indian League. Here are full matches of I League 2017 with time venue and results of every match.


I League Standings 2018:

According to stats of last year here is the list of the I League Standings with points of every team. Aizawl FC is the topper list with 37 points and Mohun Bagan second in the list with just one point less than Aizawl FC. Kingfisher East Bengal is number 3 with 33 points. Bengaluru Football Club fourth with 30 points. Shillong Lajong captured position 5 with 26 points and Churchill Brother sports club number SIX with 20 points on the table. DSK Shivajians 18 points and got number 7 on the list. Then Chennai City FC got the 8th position with 17 points. Last two teams Minerva Punjab and Mumbai FC got 13 points and number 9 and 10 respectively.

i league 2018 standings

Ii league 2018 points table

ILEAGUELIVE.COM will update you on all news and events in I league. We will upload all of the I League schedule 2018 as soon as we are getting official news from officials of I league and AIFF. You can get all of the matches live streaming and link to squad updates for each team.



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