Gokulam Kerala vs Shillong Lajong Live Score I League 2017-18

Get Full Match Gokulam Kerala vs Shillong Lajong Live Score I League today match. Shillong Lajong vs Gokulam Kerala today match live score will be updated as soon s match is starting. Shillong Lajong Live Score I league 2017-18. Shillong Lajong Live streaming today match against Gokulam Kerala FC in I League Live Score we will upload online. Gokulam Kerala today match Live Streaming.

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gokulam kerala vs shillong lajong live score

Gokulam Kerala vs Shillong Lajong Live Score


Match Prediction Gokulam vs Shillong:

SHILLONG GOING TO WIN THIS MATCH According to expert Shillong Lajong vs Gokulam Kerala could be an unexpected match as Gokulam is going to Debut in I League 2017-18 so any type of performance can be expected from Gokulam in this League but Still Shillong Lajong Football Club is the Stronger side as compared to GK FC.

Gokulam Kerala vs Shillong Lajong Live Streaming:

Shillong Lajong vs Gokulam Kerala Live Score I League 2017-18. The very popular football teams Shillong Lajong and Gokulam Kerala will compete against each other today in the battleground of I league. They are going to face each other in a one on one match today, the 27th of November in the Jawaharlal Nehru stadium in Shillong, India.


Key Players:

Before the initiation of the match, there are various key factors presented to the fans to arouse their curiosity. Likewise, here we are going to present some important details too. For instance, the prime players of the match from the team Shillong Lajong are Abdoulaye Koffi and Alan Deory. Along with them, there are no doubtful players in the match today that are doubted to get injured or are not supposed to play. Secondly the prime players from the team Gokulam Kerala today are Kamo Bayi and Urunov Gulom.

Overall preliminary study of the match

As we see, that currently, Shillong Lajong had participated in the Shillong Premier League (SPL) and in that league, they have earned the victory in two matches while defeating in one. So it clearly shows that the team is in form. However, if we observe the other team of the match which is Gokulam Kerala, then it must be taken as the brand new team of the league under the guardianship of Bino George. The anticipation is greater right now and the audience is expecting a thrilling match from both sides.

Gokulam Kerala vs Shillong Lajong Live score:

The live score will be fed every now and then here. We will ensure that the fans do not miss out a bit henceforth the scoreboard will be fed simultaneously every now and then. Fans who wish to keep a keen eye on the scoreboard must keep themselves updated here because we are going to provide the foremost and incomparable knowledge and live score feed with pleasure. The live streaming of this match will be presented in the finest quality at Star Sports 2 and Star Sports HD. However, for the online streaming, the fans must check out Hotstar.

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