Gokulam Kerala FC

Gokulam Kerala FC is the name given to Kerala based football club. That club has been asked to change the name before starting I League 2017-18 which is owned by Gokulam Group. Gokulam Kerala FC is a football club based in Kerala. Gokulam Kerala FC squad and all other details here.

Gokulam Kerala FC:

AIFF invited the groups of companies for introducing one new team in I League 2017-18 and Gokulam Group was the winner of the bid and got direct entry for I League 2018. Gokulam Group named its club as Malabar FC but today we got an update that Gokulam Group Announced new name of their football club which is Gokulam Kerala Football Club.

gokulam kerala fc logo

Gokulam Kerala FC logo

Gokulam Kerala FC History:

AIFF cleared bid of Gokulam Group for the new team from Kerala in I League. The team was named as Malabar FC. But the name was rejected by AIFF media agents. Now The Name is again changed by the owners as they want to get support from KERALA as this is going to be the second team of Kerala. So this time name changed to Gokulam Kerala Football Club.

I League Schedule 2018.

Gokulam Kerala FC Squad:

Till now there are no official updates from the football club management about the club’s squad for I League 2017-18 squad. But as each team could manage 6 foreign players so they can make it till the announcement of I League Schedule. Spectators are also thinking that Management of new teams is the reason for AIFF as they are delaying I League schedule.


Venues and Fixtures:

Club owners and management were agreed with the decision to play matches out of Hometown. AIFF want to spread the football around the city of Kerala. So they had decided to schedule matches outside of “Kozhikode” and are trying to engage their team in pre-matches.

This is the second team from Kerala as one of the teams called Chennai FC is already taking part in I league and one of the major competitor for other teams as it is having strong fullbacks and quality strikers as well. AIFF welcomes the second team as it is good for football India.

Gokulam Kerala FC Owners Mission:

Owners of the clubs are pretty determined to achieve at least first four positions at the end of I League. They are very well aware of the professionalism and quality of skills of other teams. So the owners clearly said that they will try to make a spot in first 4 places with hard work. This is all they are trying to do this season of I League.

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