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Chennai City FC

I league is more famously identified as the Indian League which organizes football events in India and it is the most outclass football league in the entire India. It comprises a number of teams which are highly admired by the team and are put in the team after much evaluation of their skills. One of the teams is known as Chennai City FC. Chennai City Football Club is an Indian football club solely located in Chennai. The Chennai city FC owner is Mr. Rohit Ramesh.  He had an outstanding experience of making the team participate in a various number of events and leagues.

Chennai city FC logo

Chennai city FC

Chennai City FC players

The Chennai city FC players list is as under:


  1. Zohib Amiri
  2. Echezona Anyichie
  3. Joseph Clemente
  4. Abhishek Das
  5. Sunil Kumar
  6. Yumnam Raju
  7. Dharamaraj Ravanan
  8. Debabrata Roy
  9. Wayne Vaz


  1. Raegan Albarnas
  2. Ildar Amirov
  3. Charles
  4. Malsawm Fela
  5. Prasanth Karuthadathkuni
  6. Marcos Tank


  1. Beautin
  2. Darren Caldeira
  3. Denson Devadas
  4. Liandala Sena Fanai
  5. Dhanpal Ganesh
  6. Nanda Kumar
  7. Rakesh Masih
  8. Lalnun Mawia
  9. Zakeer Mundampara
  10. Michael Regin
  11. Michael Soosai Raj
  12. Edwin Sydney Vanspaul


  1. Shahinlal Meloly
  2. Abhra Mondal
  3. Karanjit Singh
  4. Kabir Thaufiq

History of the club

The Chennai City Football Club was primarily formed in 1946. It was initiated by a group of five friends named as SV Kanagasabai, E Vadivelu, TR Govindarajan, PV Chellappa and K Ekambaram. In the very beginning, it was named as Nethaji Sports club which was later shifted to Chennai City Football club. After many years and hard work and true struggle, the team finally makes it to the Indian League on eleventh December 2016 to play the league in the year 2016 to 2017. Through their consistent struggle and passion, they finally qualified and successfully retained the title of the second team who were able to play in the supreme division.

Home matches and stadium

The Chennai City Football club is well known for playing their home matches in a well-known stadium known as marina arena in the Jawaharlal Nehru stadium in the city of Chennai. The specialty of this stadium is that it not only hosts the football leagues but along with that it hosts other athletic events too. It has an astonishing of occupying more than forty thousand people in the stadium.

Chennai city FC trials

The Chennai City FC trials have been reported to be held between the most outstanding four players of the Chennai City Football Squad in comparison with the team’s partners called the JS Hercules. The trial period will be about four weeks long. In this time period, both of the teams will be closely assessed depending completely on their performances in various categories. The football fans that are obsessing over this event might be able to have a closer look at the event via the help of media.

Current technical staff

A recent list of the team’s current technical staff is displayed below:

  1. HEAD COACH: V Soundararajan
  2. ASSISTANT COACH: Muruguvendan
  3. MANAGER: R. Ingulab
  4. GOALKEEPING COACH: V.P. Sathish Kumar
  5. MEDIA MANAGER: L. Mohan Kumar

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