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Aizawl FC ileague Fixtures:

Aizawl FC Home Stadium is in Mizoram, it is called RG Stadium or Rajiv Gandhi Stadium. One of the finest ground in the area has a seating capacity of 20,000 plus. Aizawl FC is the defending champion of ileague 2017. Aizawl going to start ileague kick off from 28 Nov AWAY MATCH against Kingfisher East Bengal who is the strongest team of ileague in pre-matches. Have not lost any single match in pre friendless matches with ISL teams.

Aizawl FC Home Stadium is Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Mizoram (Aizawl FC)

Aizawl’s first experience with the I-League in 2015-16 implied that Indian football fans would get a perspective of the beautiful Rajiv Gandhi Stadium situated in Mualpui in Aizawl, Mizoram. Named after previous Prime Minister of India, the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium is still under development; the discharge the eastern piece of the ground disregards the excellent Himalayan mountainscape.

rajiv gandhi stadium mizoram

Aizawl FC Home Stadium Rajiv Gandhi stadium Mizoram Source Aizawl FC


Rajiv Gandhi Stadium Mizoram:

Once finished, the stadium will have the capacity to hold 20,000 fans. Aizawl FC came into the I-association scene in 2015-16 in the wake of winning the 2015 I-League Second Division and have made the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium their home ground since. The surface of the stadium is a progressive fake turf which is picking up fame all finished India as of late.

The club has a solid fanbase from all around Mizoram and they run in immense numbers when Aizawl play in their red home hues at the delightful stadium.

Aizawl FC Home Stadium:

Aizawl was the debutant team in ileague last year and won the first season of the trophy. But this time Aizawl will start from scratch as they do not have the guy with magic wand behind them, Yes their coach Khalid Jamil left their team and shifted to the most powerful team of ileague Kingfisher East Bengal. Most of the main players also left Aizawl FC and fleed to different clubs. So this means Aizawl will play again from scratch and having no big names in a team. But a team is pretty confident like debut times that they can beat giants of ileague again especially on their home grounds they are very impressive.

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