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Aizawl FC

Before talking about Aizawl FC let me tell you about Indian football. Only two football leagues in India are premium football league and I-League is one of these two. I-league is also very popularly known as the Hero I-league. I-League is the most popular Indian football league which is followed by all the football fanatics around the country. In total 10 teams compete in the league. January to May is the season of I-league. The teams that compete in this league include; Aizawl, Chennai City, Churchill Brothers, East Bengal, Gokulam, Minerva Punjab, Mohun Bagan, Bengaluru FC, NEROCA and Shillong Lajong.

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Aizawl fc


I-League 2016-17:

This league was the 10th Hero I-league which was held during the following dates; 7th January 2017 to 30th April 2017. Aizawl won the title of the 2016-17 I-league.

Aizawl Football Club:

The winners of Hero I-league, Aizawl Football Club, originated from Aizawl, Mizoram in the year 1984. In the I-league of 2015-16, Aizawl Football Club won the I-league 2nd division. I League 2018 schedule is not announced yet and if you need to check last years points table you can check here.

Aizawl Football Club Team:


aizawl fc team

aizawl FC players

The current team of Aizawl Football Club consists of 28 phenomenal footballers. Out of there 28, 5 players belong to different nationalities.

Team Manager: Hmingthana Zadeng

Head Coach: Khalid Jamil

Assistant Coach: Izan Martin Andres


  • Z Zothanmawia
  • Lalawlmpuia


  • Ruathara
  • Imanuel Lalthazuala
  • Emmanuel Ugochucku Chigozie
  • Lalhriatrenga
  • Lalrinzuala Khiangte
  • Ronald Zothanzama

Centre Back:

  • Masih Saighani
  • Kareem Nurain


  • Biaktea Lalbiakhlua
  • Lalbiakthanga
  • Malsawmtluanga
  • Kawrtethawveng Laldampuia
  • Zoramthara
  • Laltanpuia
  • Lalnuntluanga
  • Albert Zohmingmawia
  • Lalmuankima

Defensive Mid-field:

  • Alfred Kemah Jaryan

Central Mid-field:

  • Andrei lonescu

Left Mid-field:

  • David Lalrinmuana
  • Shylo Malsawmtluanga


  • Lalrinpuia
  • Khwetelhi Thopi
  • Jonathan Lalrawngbawla
  • Lalnunpuia
  • William Lalnunfela

History of the Aizawl Football Club:

Since the formation of this football club in 1984, it has been a part of many amateur football leagues. They earned their official certification in the year 2012 by the All India Football Federation after which they qualified in the I-league 2nd division that too in a second attempt. This was the point at which this club gained some professional recognition by appearing in the 2nd tier of Indian football world, this was a milestone in the history of the club.

Their success started to gain pace when in 2015 the team won the title of the I-league 2nd division and due to this, they qualified for the most popular and most notable football league of India the Hero I-league 2015. This was a moment of pride for the team as well as the state of Mizoram as never had a team from this state qualified for the biggest football league of India.

In December 2016, Khalid Jamil was officially announced as the head coach.

The team made history after winning the title of the biggest football league in India. Aizawl football club became champions in the 2016-17 Hero I-league.

Top Scorers of the Aizawl Football Club:

In just three to four years’ time, Aizawl football club changed the football history of the state of Mizoram as the Aizawl football club not only qualified for the most notable football league of India but also managed to declare themselves champions.

Since the year 2012, there have been different names highlighted as the top scorers.

2012: With 11 goals, Michael Lalremruata, became the top scorer of the team.

2013: Justice Morgan with six goals became the top scorer of the team.

2014: with just two goals at hand, Lalnuntluanga was the top scorer of the low goal-scoring year.

2015: Alfred Jaryan was the top scorer of this year with nine phenomenal goals.

2015-16: with 8 goals in the account, Joel Sunday was the top scorer during the I-league 2nd division.

2016-17: Kamo Stephane Bayi with seven goals became the top scorer of the best year for Aizawl football club.


The first few years were tough for the team but with the extremely hard work tireless efforts of the players, coaches and other supporting teams, Aizawl Football Club’s name began to get highlighted. The very first achievement was winning the I-league second division. It was a very big deal for the club as it was the very first achievement that was unlocked by the team since 1984. This was the beginning of the club’s professional reputation. Then in 2016, Aizawl football club appeared in the federation cup in which they became the runners-up. The biggest achievement that was unlocked by the club was winning the most notable football league of India the Hero I-league. They played phenomenally well and managed to become the top football club in India.

aizawl fc winning moments

aizawl fc winners


The Statistics:


In this year the club was being coached by Manuel Retamero Fraile originally from Spain. He coached the team for seven months. During his time duration, the club played six matches out which the club was able to win only a single match, lost 4 matches and the last match was a draw. The winning statistics under this coach was 16.7%.


Jahar Das from India coached the team for 11 months. Under him, the club played 15 matches. The winning statistics was raised to 33.3%. the club won 5 matches and lost 5 matches and the other five matches were draw. In the 12th month of 2016, Khalid Jamil from India was appointed as the coach of the team. The winning statistics has been the highest under him and reached to 60%. Under his coaching, the club won the biggest title. 22 matches have been played up till now under Khalid Jamil out of which the club won 13, lost 5 and three matches were draw.

Aizawl Football Club is gaining popularity in India and has managed to reach the top of the charts of the top-ranked football clubs in India. This team has made the founders, ex-players and the most importantly have made India proud. This club is an example that India can reach up to high standards in football and has football fanatics all over India.

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