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The I-League, authoritatively known as the Hero I-League because of sponsorship reasons, is an Indian expert league for men’s affiliation football clubs. At the top of the Indian football league system, it is one of the two main football leagues in the nation, the other being the Indian Super League. It was started by the all India football federation in 2007-08. It has also outranked the famous NFL league which lasted for 11 seasons.

As the I-League will begin people in and around India would be tuning onto their TV channels and live streams to get the diversions. I feel it is imperative to give an understanding to the viewer’s, particularly the individuals who are new to the I-League, the best Indian expert league for affiliation football clubs. The I-League 17 season will be played by ten groups.

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Since the league started in 2007 the standards of the league have changed yearly. At present, the league has 10 groups. Each club played each other twice amid the season, once at home and the other far from home. The group that wins a match gets three points while the two groups increase one point if they draw. A failure is not granted any focuses. Toward the finish of the season, the group with the most points wins the league.

The 2018 I-League season is going to start and football fans in India are in for another energizing competition after the Indian Super League. Regardless of the I-League’s lessening prominence in view of the ISL, it is as yet the official best level football league in India which will see ten clubs competing with each other to win the current year’s distinctions.

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